UL 2271 Certified ES2 Additional Battery


The additional battery extends ES2 KickScooter range from 25 km to 45 km.

Specifications of ES2 with the additional battery

Weight: 14 kg 
Width: 43 cm 
Max speed: 30 km/h 
Max distance range: 45 km 
Max load: 100 kg 
Safety certification: UL 2272 / UL 2271 
IP Grade: IP54 (for ES2), IP67 (external waterproof battery) 
Max climbing angle: 10 degree
Max power: 720 W
Battery: LG Lithium-ion 374 Wh


(Note: we do not deliver to Sentosa, Jurong Island and Tuas. Click here for more information)

*This item ships only within Singapore.

*Adding the additional battery pack to ES2 KickScooter would increase device's speed to 30 km/h, this results in the device being non LTA-compliant.

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