Electric Scooter Registration Singapore: Best Place to Get Your Identification Mark Made

UPDATE [6 Aug 2019]: The PMD safety certification deadline has been moved forward to July 2020. All non-UL2272 certified devices will be auto-deregistered and cannot be used in public after July 2020. Users can continue to ride only UL2272 certified PMDs beyond the July 2020 deadline.

All electric scooter owners in Singapore can begin registering their devices from 2 January 2019. 

So, you've compiled your documents, went to the SingPost Post Office and got your electric scooter registered. In return, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) assigns you a registration number, which you will then need to create an identification mark out of. 

There are tons of shops and sign craft makers who will happily make the identification mark for you. However, what if you're looking for a place that does a good job, and is also value-for-money? 

If that resonates with you, Mighty Velo is your topmost choice. 

Why choose Mighty Velo?

pmd mighty velo

Simply put, Mighty Velo is not just a printing shop. As we are in the business of selling personal mobility devices (PMDs), we understand what electric scooter enthusiasts and owners are looking for. This gives us an edge over our competitors. 

For added convenience, you can buy an LTA-approved electric scooter (with UL2272 certification) from us and also get your identification mark printed all under the same roof. 

Not only that, we provide the most value for your money. You can get all 8 variations of the identification mark containing your unique serial number printed on 3M weatherproof material - all at a price of $15 to $20. The best part about this? You can pick and choose which identification mark design/colour you want to put on your e-scooter.  

Industry-standard equipment to print your PMD Identification Mark 

We have large-scale printers, industry-level laminators and cutters that let us churn out stickers and other artworks at a fast pace. With a dedicated team of designers, handling large quantities of orders/requests isn't a problem for us. This means you can expect to get your identification mark much more quickly. 

Why can't I print my PMD Identification Mark at home?

The LTA has spelled out many specifications for the identification mark, making it difficult for a home-printer or the average person to do it themselves:

Colour criteria:

Your PMD identification mark must appear as 1) black characters on a yellow background OR 2) white characters on a black background. You can't choose any other colours to make the identification mark out of. 

pmd black sticker

pmd yellow sticker

Criteria for letter dimensions:  

For margins:

As you'll be given a unique e-scooter serial number which consists of numbers and alphabets, you need to ensure that 1) the spacing between each letter must be 5mm wide and 2) the spaces between the letters and all four edges of the identification mark are at least 5mm wide. 

pmd letter margins 

  pmd letter margins 2

pmd border margins

For letters:

Each letter must be 35mm tall, 25mm in width and 5mm broad. 

pmd letter dimensions

Next, your identification mark must appear as one of these LTA-approved layouts:

  • Two horizontal rows (alphabets on the bottom row and numbers on the top row). It can appear as a circle or a rectangle:

pmd sticker circle

pmd sticker rectangle

  • In one horizontal row

pmd sticker circle


  • In one vertical row 

pmd sticker vertical

Ready to get your Identification Mark printed? Contact us

If you are an existing e-scooter owner or a rookie, all are welcome to enjoy our printing services. Call us at +65 6396 6280 or email hello@mightyvelo.com and we'll get it done. 

PMD Identification Mark collection

We will be mailing your identification mark to you via SingPost.